Saturday, March 12, 2011

Vegas StrEATS Festival

Although skipping the RedBull SoundClash afterparty with The Glitch Mob at Studio 54 was tough to pass up, I was already too much looking forward to reppin' Las Vegas' first Vegas StrEATS Festival. This free event was held downtown in the El Cortez Promenade, featuring several local food trucks (Slidin' Thru, Fukuburger, Sloppi Jo's, Tasty Bunz, Cheese Steak, Curbside Cafe, Island Breeze, Snow Ono Shave Ice), live art demonstrations, many local vendors, drink specials, and a band lineup put forth by Neon Reverb.
From the SoundClash, we brought four new friends from the UK along with us for the ride of a true downtown Vegas experience. After a few drinks, more new friends, and a birthday celebration inside a bar at The El Cortez, we headed outside to an equally enthusiastic crowd. The entire promenade was full of socializing people, food trucks, tents, and a stage capping the area. After hanging out for a bit, dancing, and talking with a few familiar faces, we headed down Fremont.

Not only was the El Cortez area a buzz with music and crowds, so was the entire Fremont Strip and under The Experience. We watched The Experience show right at midnight, which wowed and confused our British friends, stopped in a few casinos, and just went with the flow. On our way back to the Vegas StrEats Festival we stopped in the equally packed Griffin and Beauty Bar. For a moment we were greeted by a man dressed in a full bunny costume out front, and I laugh now because only in Vegas would this not seem weird at all until the next day looking back.
After returning to the festival area, many were still in line for the delicious street food, as the trucks and event staff were running low on supplies and energy. By contrast, the alcohol fueled bodies that walked around downtown were fully charged and the party continued into the early hours. It was such a pleasure to see downtown Las Vegas buzzing with people, locals mixing with tourists, and a memorable evening that downtown is all about. Fellow locals, Las Vegas is stepping up our culture, be sure to get out there and support your local scene!

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