Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Skrillex with Bare, Flinch, Sluggo and Presto One

Perhaps the most anticipated parties to kick off the summer right was Skrillex at Crown Nightclub. It could be said that Skrillex is enjoying the best year ever, experiencing a huge surge in popularity and demand, after being signed to mau5trap and touring with Deadmau5 in 2010. Thanks to crews like Frequnecy, Las Vegas' underground electro scene is starting to regrow and beginning to pull in some of the best electronic artists worldwide. This event which also included Bare, Flinch, Sluggo, Presto One, and Scotty Boy, did not disappoint as it nearly sold out the venue.
Scotty Boy and Presto One warmed up the crowd before midnight, mixing it up between pop and dubstep beats. Setting the vibe, the party didn't start to get wild until Sluggo began hitting the bass cannon for minutes at a time. As the crowd moved away from the bars onto the floor, the energy in the room swelled as the killer beats just kept coming one after another. As a tease of things to come, Skrillex came out onstage to announce Flinch, doing a quick little mix with him before exiting.

Flinch only continued to build on the energy Sluggo had started, making an effort to only hit those bass beats harder. Songs bleed from one into another, as minutes faded away seemingly unnoticed by the tranced out crowd. Within no time, Skrillex came out treating the audience to a new song he had written earlier that day in his hotel room. Within just a few minutes of introducing himself with My Name is Skrillex, the dancefloor was solid and moved as one. Inflatable monkeys, palm trees, and other pool toys danced their way across the sea of hands in the air.

His popularity with fans shined through when he played Kill Everybody, dropping the beat perfectly for the audience to sing along with. Loving every second of his set, Skrillex was jamming and slamming on his equipment, creating super hard dirty beats. While playing Scary Monster and Nice Sprites, he held a loud tone and announced, "I'm gonna make some monster sounds for you guys, cause I like making monster sounds!" lifted up his midi controller and continued to dump screeching sounds.

Not only was he a genius with live beats, Skrillex knew how to hype the party; taking time away from his booth, walking out into the crowd to take pictures, asking guys to put their ladies on their shoulders, even jumping out to crowdsurf, it was perfect. Everything about his show, from the sickest beats to unforgettable moments, everyone in the house was left danced out and mind-blown. Skrillex humbly left the stage giving the audience a heartfelt speech, "I'm here because of you guys man, seriously. Without you there isn't me, I swear to god. I'm just a normal boy making music, because I love music!"

After a last minute cancellation of his performance at Skream, to wrap up the evening last up was Bare. Not holding back or simply playing ambient/trance, Bare did a great job keeping the energy high following Skrillex. Mixing his heavy bass dubstep, Bare kept the floor packed until nearly 4 am, many fans only leaving due to pure exhaustion.

I have nothing but great things to say about this show. It has truly restored my faith in the Las Vegas underground electronic scene. If fans keep turning out in high numbers to these parties, we will only see the international and breakout artists continue to make a stop here. This summer alone, Las Vegas has the privilege of hosting Electronic Daisy Carnival, The Matinee Festival, and The Love Festival. The little raver in me that I thought died in the early 2000s with liquid dancing is coming back with force and I love it!

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