Thursday, March 17, 2011

PubStep with SKREAM

To make one of the best party nights of the year even better, this St. Patrick's Day Frequency and Crown Nightclub treated guests to Pubstep featuring Skream. If you are unfamiliar, Skream is a producer hailing from the UK that has created thousands of beats and is credited for helping not only define, but also expand the dubstep genre.

The pure excitement for this event was described best by Frequency "This March we're bringing all the debauchery back, at a bigger club with an even bigger headliner....we've wanted to bring him out for years, and finally we have an opportunity. Proudly making his first Vegas appearance... SKREAM!"
Prior to Skream taking the stage, Hot Pink Delorean, Terravita, Metaphase, Rize and Quiet warmed up the crowd. This party was a slow burner, as the dancefloor remained sparse until Terravita started blasting the bass. Hot Pink Delorean continued to bump the hard beats, both doing their job getting the crowd to their boiling point right as Skream took to stage.

Skream handled the dancefloor like a master, melting from one song into another through his expansive collection. As the dance frenzy reached it's peak, the stage was again swarmed with people and several emcees were on the mic. Just like all the producers before, the emcees cheapened the beats and killed the flow for me.

Although the DJs made great beats all evening, the emcees constantly crowded the stage and muddied the beats with their rhymes. Now don't get me wrong, I have seen many emcees freestyle over a hard dubstep beat and rock the crowd harder than the music alone could; however, that was not the case this evening.

Overall this booze soaked party was a great time that continued all night. This perhaps being the only chance I may get to see Skream, I continuously danced along in rhythm with a smile on my face. I do hope the emcees start to drop off as a trend, as I would not like to see a similar situation at many of the upcoming parties.

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