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Wrapped Up: 2012 San Francisco Cannabis Cup

The breeze off the San Francisco bay was a perfect match for the unusually warm blue sunny sky, not a cloud on the horizon. Being our 1st High Times Cup, we went in not knowing what to expect, imagining something between a Snoop Dog video or a baked out Bill Nye lecture.
To my surprise it was unlike anything I could have imagined, centered around talk of CBD’s, CBN’s, dabs, concentrates, and oils were taking over the cannabis industry with a whole new approach. It was Medical, focusing on cleaner, richer, more potent, and strain specific qualities.  Properties of each specific strain and type are being studied, measured, and extracted so they can be used more effectively and properly prescribed. From medical edibles to legal barriers and underground movements, I found the panels all very interesting and educational.  It’s amazing to see how far things have come; cannabis culture has grown from a hippie back culture to the front grounds of the medical world.

After having spent the entire afternoon dabbling in the finest extracts, hash, flowers, and other concoctions, I was completely blown away.  I know what you’re thinking, but not just flying high, I was impressed on every level, from ingenuity in butane powered glass water pipes, to extraction processes, new techniques, and the integrity of all businesses, from the growers to the candy makers.  At every booth we were greeted by intelligent and knowledgeable people eager to share their contribution to the industry and cup this year.  Cannabis if on the forefront of new discoveries, uses, healing powers, etc. it’s true power is becoming harder to deny.  I left each day floating on a cloud, my head swimming with a whole new understanding of cannabis and how truly endless our possibilities are using this magical plant.

Without a doubt what made this event truly amazing were the people. It was truly inspiring to see so many people re-inventing their craft, adapting to the medical and consumer market. The care and attention to detail and love for what they do is apparent in everything they create.  Whether their product was a credit card sized grinder or butane powered glass or organic vegan herbal chocolates, everything was being rethought and produced with exceptional quality.  Our hats go off to the people from High Times magazine that bought this event to the states and to all those working in and revolutionizing the forefront of medical marijuana.
For those not fortunate enough to attend this spectacular event, our highlight rundown is full of information, many of those in the Prop 215 tent, and the cup winners. Enjoy!

Kush Konnection: Won 2nd place Indica for Master Yoda Kush. Also took BEST Hybrid at 2012 LA Cannabis Cup.Yoda Man Kush Konnection! These guys got the award winning mastery down. Offering killer deals on their Master Yoda in both flower and concentrate form, they weren’t afraid to share and prove their award winning
The Cali Connection: Won BEST Hybrid for Larry OG Kush and also 3rd best Booth. YES.  They were handing out dabs like nothing to show the quality of their unique nail style glass water pipe. But that is not what made these guys so bad ass, it was there attention to detail, in raising new standards to the art of dab. This was one of our favorite pipes for its clean and smoothness, but ability to melt your face.  Excellent dabs and excellent products.
Hitman Glass: Won BEST Glass. Many intricate and top notch glass pieces that were well worth the price.  Water pipes with spun glass centers of Boba Fett, Predator, serpents, sirens, and other designs that also served as diffusers. Spent time with us to explain their new butane bongs which eliminates the use of a torch for harsh and wax hits.  Scientifically created products that they were confident to stand behind.  Amazing products.
Purple Dinosaur: Loved this booth, they had some of my favorites of the whole event. These smart growers took pride in their harvest and were proud to give generous samples and discuss their flowers. I was blown away with their great selection all made from purple dinosaur, a sweet dank indica. I made sure to try one of each of their products, all of which got a stellar rating. Everything from the hashish, oils, buds, waxes, kief, and even brownies were so top notch, I purchased many and got a sweet purple dinosaur t-shirt as a bonus!

Hills Pharmacy: Won BEST Edible for their Eleve Gourmet Veganic Medicated Truffles, and BEST CBD for MCU ATF Bubble, by Master Control Unit. Highly impressed with Hills’ quality of product, presentation, and information. Our token was a glass jar of Silver Jack Reserve.  One of my favorites!
Harborside Health Center: Won 2nd place CBD for Lemon Remedy. Great staff and booth setup. Dab and hash based products were on sample with the choice of three unique water pipes, the bubbler style steamroller being our favorite. Excellent products and great staff.
Mama P’s: Won BEST Product for Mama P’s Grinder and BEST Booth and it’s not hard to figure out why.  Each time you entered the Prop 215 area, you were greeted by the friendly staff of Mama P’s and encourages to try a serving tray of delectable edible samples. Everything we tried from fruit loops bars, to choc-chip cookies, to the brownies; all were delightful and certainly effective!
Phillips Rx: This booth, staff, and products had come to us highly recommended by High Times staff themselves.  These dedicated and hardworking growers spent time talking with us about the growing process.  Everything from the learning curve and time necessary to produce such quality products and the process start to finish.  Their Mars strain was entered for the cup but did not win, but won our hearts and was one of our take home favorites.

Crystal Fog: Staff happy to pass you a joint while making deals on glass.  Happy to accept and make a deal.  5mm glass honeycomb 120 percolator giant bubbler was well worth it, even if it was a foggy transaction.

Dopeass Glass: Won 3rd place for Glass.  This Las Vegas native has come a long way in the industry and his glass continues to impress many across the country.  His unique use of copper and other melting techniques gives his products a distinctive artist signature and always intricate design.

Elemental Wellness: Won 2nd place Sativa for Yogi Diesel and 2nd best Booth. Also had medicated smoothies Irish Moss: Medical Cannabis – Elixir of life
Playbud Delivery Service: Won BEST Sativa for Premium Jack Herer.  First place we got to experience the event, and what a great place to start.  That first dab definitely put us in perspective of what we were in store for all weekend, non-stop sampling of the BEST cannabis products on the market!

Mother Nature: Good quality flower products as well as edibles.  Top notch grass and service.  It was a tough choice between the Chem Dog and Blue Velvet, but either way, I feel I made the right choice! 

Sweet Stone Candy: Purchased a mini cheesecake and choco-oreo mini cake that put us both down hard. Large selection of edible sweets, including jams, cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, lollipops, cereal, snack bars, chocolate covered nuts, and the list goes on.  Great booth, great prices.
Pulse Glass: Won 2nd place for Glass.  Great quality glass products in all shapes and sizes for every smokers need. Knew one of the lucky winners of their raffle and got to try one of their larger water pipes.  I must say it was a super clean design and I loved the platinum inlay of the brand.  Stylish and efficient.

Treescake Factory: Booth offered both flowers and edibles ranging from healthy snacks to sweets.  We enjoyed some delicious wontons coated in hash oil with a peppery sauce.
Chronic Candy: Absolutely loved a candy sample I got at Champs a few years back and have been dying to try their tea drink since.  Happy to see their booth with rows and rows of drinks and candies.  I spent some time sampling and enjoying their products.

iMedz: Beautiful selection of flowers and females that were happy to show off their buds.  This dispensary offers their customers at least 20 strains and 15 concentrates available to fit your every need.  It’s hard to touch that!
Bhang Chocolates: Business owner, Scott Van Rixel blew my mind with his comments during the edibles panel.  The knowledge and work he has put into making quality chocolates that fit patients’ needs is astounding.  Although I did not get a chance to sample these chocolates, I have no doubt they are amazing both in taste and quality.
Cousin Mary Jane: Small group made scrumptious toasted hemp seeds. Fantastic crunchy snack, almost like eating light mini popcorn.  Sold by varying weights at great prices.  I could easily see myself eating these by the handful.

Body Bud Botanicals: Specializing in topically applied cannabis oils and lotions to soothe and relief pain.  Ladies rubbed small amount of oil to my hands. Within minutes, my skin felt warm and soothed.  Similar to that of a menthol pain relief rub but much more pleasant.
A²C² – All American Cannabis Club: This Bay area medical club offers their members at least 51 types of cannabis, concentrates, edibles, and much more at two locations, six days a week. Also always willing to hook up new members to prove they got it.

Weed Maps: Handed out free necklaces and lanyards to hype their services. This company has been around since the start and also has been working on changing medical marijuana laws from the frontlines.
CannaCig Vapor Inhaler: Not a winner this cup, but definitely a popular one with consumers.

Buds and Roses Collective: Won BEST non-solvent Hash for Solvent-less BAMF Mix Hash, BAMF Extractions and also won 3rd place CDB for Harlequin.
San Jose Patients Group:Won BEST Indica for Cordero Kush Platinum.
Superior Extracts for West Coast Cures:Won BEST Concentrate for Hardcore OG Budder.
Granddaddy Purple Collective: Won 2nd place Hybrid for Ken's Phantom.
Tea House Collective: Won 2nd place Edible for their CannaChocolate 44/8mg THC/CBD.

LA Confidential Caregivers: Won 2nd place Concentrate for OG Super Sexy Budder.
KO Domeless Nail:Won 2rd place Product for the KO Nail.
Santa Cruz Mountain Natural:Won 3rd place Sativa for XJ-13 Cracker Jack.
Buddy's Cannabis: Won 3rd place Hybrid for OG Sky.
Greenway Compassionate Relief Inc.: Won 3rd place Edible for their Spice Orange Drops.
Sonoma County Collective: Won 3rd place Indica for Cherry Cola.
Venice Medical Wax Centers: Won 3rd place Concentrate Unfuckwitable OG Wax.
V-Syndicate: Won 3rd place Product for The Grinder Card.
The 3rd Annual San Francisco High Times Medical Cannabis Cup was at The Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, California June 23 and 24, 2012.  The public event was open to all adults 18 and over for the low weekend rate of $80, which included a goodie bag, access to the expo, Prop 215 area, and musical guests including Del the Funky Homosapian. Guests that did not have a medical license could still enjoy the artists, guest speakers, vendors, and the awards without consuming any medical products.  But for those that like to dabble, the Prop 215 area was like a cannabis candystore full of samples, edibles, flowers, and new products from the finest producers in the industry.
...written by dot.shiva and jim.stone ~ 2012

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