Saturday, February 12, 2011


As a follow up to their hugely successful Bass Gravy party, hyperaudio and awol productions held Heartbreakerz, the anti-valentine's day party at Daddy Mac's. This all night dance party featured DJs Freshmode Kore, Wambat, Ryan Donova, Lea Luna, Jayrod, Rize, and Quiet.

Daddy Mac's is a small bar & grill that often hosts live music in the evenings, but since hyperaudio and awol started throwing parties here, it has become something else entirely. When an electro party is in the house, the lights are dimmed low, bass rattles the walls, and the crowd is full young girls dancing with glowsticks and led lights. All these truly beautiful sights and sounds are something I have not seen since the early days of awol, over a decade ago.

Each DJ spun for over an hour, each one keeping it fresh with their own sound/style, some had emcees, and Lea Luna even hopped on the mic during her set. Although this party was not banging hard enough for people to start smashing glasses (like Bass Gravy), the beats were steady and kept the people dancing into the early morning hours.

More important than this one event, I must give a shout to Chad and everyone at awol productions for helping bring back the underground electronic scene to Las Vegas. The void of this type of music and parties over the last ten years has been felt by many, leaving us forced to drive to Los Angeles to get our fix. But now Las Vegas can look forward to fresh new parties on the regular with hot and international DJs. I must also add that to see the klub kids in attendance restores my faith in the Las Vegas electro scene, something I feared was dead never to return.

awol's official video:

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  1. i cant wait to do it again at spacebass