Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Celebration of Life: Benefit for Debbie Flores-Narvaez

Crown Nightclub in association with The Artisan and Shade Tree held a benefit Wednesday, January 26th to celebrate the life of slain Fantasy dancer Debbie Flores-Narvaez. This somber event was put together not only to remember Debbie, but to also raise awareness of domestic violence and raise money for her family and others affected by these types of violent crimes. Las Vegas came out in full force to honor one of their own dancers, showing their support by each dedicating a short performance for the benefit.
Donating their entire facility free of charge for this event, Crown tried to keep the mood positive with upbeat music and go-go dancers, while displaying pictures of Debbie on the big screens around the club. While family and friends socialized, pre-show entertainment included a artistic body painting, acrobatics dancers hanging from from the ceiling, dancers and ballerinas. At nearly 1:30am, a heartfelt message from Debbie’s sister was read aloud, amazed by the tremendous support and thanking everyone for their generosity.
The rest of the event was then packed with dance groups, singers, acrobatics, impersonators, musicians, and several Las Vegas show acts. [Serious Effect, Flying Dreams, Saleemah Knight, Airmis, Sideswipe, Crazy Horse, Thunder from Down Under, Matt Guerrero, Lorena & Ray John, Cassie & Sonya, Jenny Romas, Rene & Tessa, Vegas the Show, Heartbreakrz Krew, J.J. Villar, and her fellow cast of Fantasy] The amount of time and love that was put into so many acts truly shined through, only ruined by an often inappropriate MC.
Las Vegas, the performers and crew that make each night happen, those just like Debbie, united to make this benefit happen and remember a dear friend. Although brought out under unfortunate circumstances, it just goes to show how much one life can affect so many people, and how Las Vegas is more than the city of sin, but a family to so many.

If you would like to donate or learn more about those who made this benefit possible, please visit:

Originally published on Stardust Fallout 10 February 2011

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