Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul

After all the hype I was hearing about Oasis tickets in the U.K., I decided to find out if they were stopping in Las Vegas. Surprisingly I found that they were actually coming to the U.S. for the first leg of their Dig Out Your Soul tour. Lucky for me, I scored tickets in October, so all I had to do was impatiently wait. I was simply ecstatic to have the opportunity to see Oasis at this point in their career.
Oasis put on an amazing show at the Palms in Las Vegas December 6th! They played their most popular hits as well as the fan favorites. Really I don't believe we could have asked for a better set list.
Liam had his usual air about him, back to the audience and walking off stage for any of Noel's songs. Liam was even was so bold to walk up to Noel's mic-stand and quickly did a mocking guitar playing gesture.
Kicking off the encore, Noel did a brilliant acoustic version of Don't Look Back in Anger. The visuals were fantastic, the music was strong all the way through, and I couldn't have asked for more! To my friends in the U.K., you've got quite a show to look forward to when they return home!
Originally posted on Absolute Radio on 9 December 2008

*Footnote: Oasis canceled their headlining V Festival performance on August 23, 2009, disappointing a sea of fans. The official split of Oasis was announced several days later, making the Staffordshire (August 22nd) performance their last. BBC

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